What is Colorado’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law

Colorado’s “Stand Your Ground” law gives people the right to defend themselves in situations where they feel they are in danger. It seems like a simple and direct law, but many aspects of this law can make it confusing. If you have been charged with a crime related to your actions in protecting yourself, ensure you have a criminal defense attorney in Colorado who can help you create a solid defense against these charges. Our attorneys at The Harrell Law Firm, PLLC, can do that for you.

Understanding Colorado’s Defense Law

The Stand Your Ground law is a law that aims to regulate a person’s right to self-defense. Under this law, self-defense is legal in the state if you believe you are in physical danger. If that is the case, you have the right to use physical force that is appropriate for the situation to protect yourself. In addition, it is legal to use self-defense to keep other people from also being in physical danger.

This law may mean that a person who feels as though their only option is to do so can use deadly force to stop a person from hurting them or others in immediate danger. The law does not require that a person retreat before defending themselves. That means that you do not need to run, hide, or turn your back on someone who is being the aggressor before you take action.

The limitation of this law is that in no way can you be the aggressive party and then use self-defense as a way of defending your actions. For example, you do not have the right to harm another person and then use self-defense as the reason for your actions unless they were the aggressor in the situation.

What Are Reasonable Examples of When Stand Your Ground Laws Could Apply?

Colorado residents may use this law to help them defend themselves in situations where they are facing immediate danger. If you are in your home and someone is breaking into it to threaten you, you have the right to use force to stop them. However, for this to be applicable, you must believe that:

  • The person is trying to kill you or cause great bodily injury to you.
  • The aggressor is committing robbery and will use a seriously threatening level of force on anyone within the property.
  • The aggressor in the case is committing a felony assault, kidnapping, or sexual assault against you or another party.

It is critical to have the right defense and evidence to protect yourself in place in a case like this. Do not go to court without that support.

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