Defending Against False Domestic Violence Allegations 

Domestic violence impacts thousands of families every year, and any accusation of it should be taken seriously. However, if you are accused of it, defending yourself against false domestic violence allegations can prove challenging. If someone is claiming you engaged in some type of domestic violence, do not simply go to court. Arm yourself with a legal defense you can depend on.

How Can You Defend Yourself from False Domestic Violence Allegations

Each situation requires careful management by a trusted criminal defense attorney. We encourage you to reach out to our legal team as your first step in creating a legal defense. Then, we will work through the following strategies.

Gathering Evidence

We will work to gather any evidence available that proves you are innocent. Some examples of this may include:

  • Text messages
  • Witness statements
  • Photos
  • Emails

Any information that is available should be preserved. We will work with numerous people to discuss what occurred, why, and what really happened.

Present Your Side of the Story

If you are being questioned about domestic violence, follow these specific strategies:

  • Do not react in an angry fashion. Try to remain calm and collected throughout this process, even though this can be very challenging. Do not engage in any threatening action.
  • Provide the facts of what occurred to you. Do not make any statements that are not true or accurate.
  • Be honest and open, but do not admit to any action that could be considered violence.

Challenging the Other Person

The next strategy we may employ is challenging the overall credibility of the other party. If the accuser has accused others previously or there are situations where they have outright lied, this information could be helpful in creating a case on your behalf.

Determine What Defense Options Are Available

In some situations, domestic violence occurs from both sides, not just one party. If there is any defense available to you that could include self-defense, defense of your property or family, or otherwise, that information could be helpful in this situation.

Provide Witnesses

While witnesses to domestic violence incidents are not common, it is possible to use character witnesses that may be able to show that you are not an aggressive person. You may also want to show that the other party is known for their lies or deceit.

There is no simple way to prove that you are not responsible for the charges against you. However, there are solid strategies we can use to help you protect your rights and minimize the risk of punishment for something you did not do. The key is to include legal representation as soon as possible in the conversation.

Schedule a Free Conversation with Our Criminal Defense Attorney

Defending against false domestic violence accusations is not something you should do on your own. Instead, call The Harrell Law Firm, PLLC to learn more about the rights you have. We will gather evidence, create a strong legal strategy for you, and represent you throughout the legal process.